While Stanley Crossick describes himself as a European of British origins, it is difficult to think of a better metaphor than an English cricketing one to celebrate his fourth century of blog posts in under three years!

He educates us on China, entertains us with insights into the Middle East, elucidated many of the more arcane legal aspects of the, until recently, intractable Lisbon treaty negotiations, as well as providing an almost daily flow of creative and innovative comments on all aspects of the European project, so dear to his heart. Well done Stanley, keep batting for Europe, and here’s to the next 400.

Here is a poor verse to commemorate your achievement, but in Blogactiv tradition, we invite others to add their own tributes.

“We’re delighted,
To have been invited,
to learn about it,
via Stanley’s ‘blog it!’.

Julian Oliver & Christophe Leclercq

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