Ukrainians knock on the doors, which one would YOU open? Answer a minister question
Posted by EurActiv Correspondent on 30/07/09

I recently spent several days in Ukraine, both out of personal interest for the country and also to assess on behalf of EurActiv the fit of the country with European integration, EU enlargement or not. EurActiv articles are seldom drafted by the publisher, this being an exception under the guidance of our Senior Editor dealing with enlargement and neighbourhood policies, and foreign affairs.

You probably have a view yourself, be it from Western Europe, from Central Europe, from Ukraine or gladly from Russia. I attach below the questions we put to Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister, in charge of relations with Europe. After reading his own responses or a shorter summary, you may pick and answer any item yourself, or indeed put some others. Egalement en français, oder auf deutsch?

My personal tip: Turkey and Ukraine are still among open questions defining Europe’s future. And most Europeans have never visited Ukraine. So, I encourage you to visit this country (or at least read about it) and make your own opinion. For example the capital Kyiv (fewer people still call it (Russian) Kiev), and the attaching Crimea, including famous Yalta and Sevastopol.

Looking forward to your views on this page, which I’ll read on my way back from holidays,

Christophe Leclercq

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