This below is the summary of an unusual interview, hence done by me and published notably on BlogActiv, not a normal editorial video by a EurActiv journalist. Dan Luca worked 10 years for EurActiv, lately as European Network Director, in charge of EurActiv’s presence in 12 capitals, 12 languages. He already stood as MEP candidate (PES, Rumania) in 2009, and this time he has a chance of being elected. ChL


Until this campaign Dan Luca interacted mainly with expat Romanians, but this time also in Romania, on national TV. Based on 20 years of EU experiences, as part of the ‘Erasmus generation, he stands for making Romania more influential.

Here are the main points of this video interview:

  • Positioning of this interview
  • A different campaign this time: more in Rumania, more on TV.
  • Rumania and its companies could be more influential at the EU level
  • Corruption should be tackled, including jailing politicians
  • A younger political class is already in place, but the Erasmus generation – Europe educated – is still missing
  • On new faces, given party candidates for the Commission’s presidency
  • What would a socialist versus center-right president do?
  • His advice to Martin Schultz, socialist leader: ‘don’t be shy’, ‘ a German image is not bad: a good brand’
  • Who would win pre-election presidential debates?



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