On Monday March 17, I addressed a Berlin debate between top candidates, heading party lists into the European elections: Alexander Graf Lambsdorff MdEP (FDP / ALDE), David McAllister MdL (CDU / EPP), Birgit Sippel MdEP (SPD / Socialists) and Gabi Zimmer MdEP (Die Linke / Left alternative). And last but not least, because she is a candidate for the Commission’s presidency, Ska Keller MdEP (Bündnis90/Die Grünen / Greens)

This ‘European evening‘ was organised by a number of partners including Europa Union, the trade union dbb, an NGO promoting citizen engagement, and as media partner. The Vice President of the federation BDI, Hans-Peter Keitel, also addressed EU challenges from a business viewpoint.

>> Also check out EurActiv’s coverage on this debate:

The panellists were asked to discuss the EU’s existential challenges, as well as their party’ proposals for the future EU orientations. I was asked, as a non-German, to give an impulse statement, putting things into a European perspective. To be honest, the response to my speech exceeded my expectations: several rounds of applause, heartfelt thanks in French, and more importantly: numerous references by the panellists to my points (and to France’ role, although not my purpose). I attribute this to my heavy accent and my nationality: German’s key partner in the EU, hence the organisers’ innovative invitation. As for the quality of ‘my ideas’: please judge for yourself (and send me feed-back), see below.

My general line was that these elections are indeed, different, with three stronger roles for Germany. I then asked politicians for their views (and gave mine) on ‘6 core issues’:

  • two points on economic challenges:
    • Replacing Europe 2020 with Innovation 2019 & creating a Youth Employment super Commissioner?
    • Lack of EU energy policy beyond nuclear?
  • two points on openness to the world:
    • Updating immigration policy to reflect anxieties?
    • Negotiating with the US to promote our norms re: data protection and capital flows?
  • two points on Europe’s architecture:
    • Clarifying EU Treaties around two circles, to keep UK and others ‘in’?
    • and adding a third circle: a pan-European market, to help integrate Ukraine & Turkey while not excluding Russia forever?

One disappointment after all? German politicians did not provide any answers regarding Ukraine, the current crisis. Are we just dreaming about enlargement without updating our concepts?

But overall, I felt it IS possible to make these elections really European: politicians do wish to rise above domestic politics, when asked properly, by independent people outside their own circles.

Alexis Poulin, publisher of, will moderate a top candidate debate in France, and Editors in other capitals could play similar roles.”

by Christophe Leclercq, Founder, EurActiv Network

I would like to express my thanks for the invitation, particularly as a non-German. It as a sign of openness in these German circles. First a few words about myself: I am neither from the economic sectors nor from politics. I come from the media sector. I am not a French ambassador nor a eurocrat, although I do work primarily in Brussels. Like others, I am a travelling campaigner for Europe – but an independent one. EurActiv is non-partisan. We have 50 journalists in 12 countries, working autonomously in 12 languages.

The CEO of EurActiv Germany is Thomas Franke, co-organiser of this event. His team in Berlin will meet you at the information table outside after the event. There, you will find our newsletter containing a message from the French Minister for Europe, in German and intended for you.

The topic of my lecture is “Challenges for German politics from a European perspective“. The title of the evening is clear: it is not about domestic politics, but rather EU politics for the next five years, after the European elections. I will pose six main questions to the candidates. Simply worded, with my limited vocabulary…

But first I would like to say a few words regarding the setting for these elections, in three points. The voting process is “different this time?” “This time it’s different”, according to the official European Parliament campaign. Is this really true?

Compared to 2009, there are three differences. And in all three, the role of Germans has grown.

  • The first difference: the EU is deeply affected by the financial and economic crisis. Several things must be reconsidered, without losing sight of the bigger picture. Germany as an economic power could continue to gain influence. The also means: more responsibility.
  • Second difference, this time the parties have chosen candidates for the Commission presidency. This process was slower than in the national elections. But for a week now, everything is ready.

    After the elections, the future Commission president will negotiate his programme with the Parliament to create a coalition majority. Just as it is in the Federal Republic, black-red (Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union-Social Democratic Party) or something else, with Greens and Liberals. Meanwhile the
    mandate numbers will play a more significant role than before. That will also benefit Germany. The new Commission will explain, what kind of Europe it supports. And thus, which proposals it would like to push through the EU system.
  • And here is my third preliminary remark. The EU policy-making processes should be modernised. Within the current treaties. So that an EU democracy can be created, that not only attracts other countries, but also… our own citizens!

    Yes, EU voters still do not understand how the EU makes decisions. On the one hand, the standard procedures are complex and takes years. Whether it is true or not, it sounds like a lack of
    transparency. On the other hand, if it is urgent, like the financial crisis, it is completely different, extremely efficient. Important measures are determined during overnight council meetings… By very few people, without supervision of the parliaments and the media. Why? Precisely because the normal system is too slow. And all this takes place in the 21st century, the century of the internet and open communication.Can this not be done better? EurActiv, as an example, stands for transparency and efficiency of European stakeholders. With the internet, transparency has actually become quite good. But what about efficiency? Certain proposals were blocked online, like ACTA. Social media and the internet could soon support the creation of EU policy. Key words here are: “Participative democracy” with citizens, “liquid democracy” with stakeholders, influence ranking, visualisation of procedures, etc. EurActiv has projects in these areas, in cooperation with the EU, with Fraunhofer and others. Just ask us!

Along with Scandinavia, Germany is a leader in use of social media, in citizens’ initiatives for example. And Karlsruhe would like to strengthen the role of the parliaments. Both are compatible, participatory and parliamentary.

So the EU political process can be improved, also including German impulses.

Improving politics, but for which goals?

This is where I will pose my six questions to the candidates. They are also key questions for Germany.


Half of Europe still finds itself in an outward swing. It is suffering from significant youth unemployment. That is very harmful for the German economy as well.I ask myself, who here has heard of the Agenda “Europe 2020” …. It was supposed to be the umbrella programme of the current mandate. Not a huge success… A necessary compromise between competitiveness, social affairs and the environment. But which has hardly found resonance at national level.What replaces “Europe 2020” as a motto for 2014-2019? What about “Innovation 2019”, for instance? More reforms and shorter deadlines, directly linked to the mandate? Apart from that, I would suggest a Super Commissioner for youth employment. We need less of a compartmentalised mentality and more horizontal politics. This position could coordinate directives for education, labour, business policy; and perhaps digital economy as well. With a clear priority: Jobs for youth. But those are only my suggestions.Ladies and gentlemen, my first question for you: what is your motto for the Europe of years to come?



Security of supply is at the top of the agenda again. Particularly considering developments in the past few weeks, of course. And climate change remains a concern. But on one issue there will not be consensus, namely over nuclear power. But actually there are other aspects of the energy mix where there is also too little EU policy.[Although we currently have a German Commissioner in charge of this portfolio. We want to secure energy cooperatively. Renewable sources like those promoted in Germany. Generate cheap energy like in France. Search for shale gas like England. And create less dependence on Russia, like the central Europeans desire.]My second question for you: which EU energy policy to you stand for?

And here I will include two key questions on our openness toward the rest of the world on globalisation and migration.


In the coming months and years, the globalisation debate will be defined by TTIP. It is about the transatlantic partnership for trade and investment, meaning negotiation with the United States. From a purely economic perspective, it probably makes sense. But are we ready, regarding data protection and investment, to trust another system? Germany is especially sensitive in the first regard, and more open in the area of capital flows. The EU could play a leading role in global regulation. Even quicker, together with the US. Or would be rather seal ourselves off? And how will civil society react this time? So my third question is: Who here is more for or against opening up the markets?


And now a difficult issue: Migration. Aversion toward guest labourers and asylum seekers is growing. Now and again due to xenophobia: I am ashamed, as a Frenchman, of the election results for Front National. This tendency is also visible in other countries: these extremes will definitely have a political group in the next Parliament. But it is also about unemployment, and about national identities.Because of the common labour market, we already have a common migration policy. It is somehow being questioned.My fourth question for you: In the area of migration, what do you suggest?

And finally my last two questions concerning the architecture of Europe. With two aspects: EU treaties and eastward integration.


In the next treaty round, it is also about keeping euro-critical countries in. Many British want less integration, but with varying views. Maybe we could save a kind of ‘focused membership’ with more opt-outs. Several other countries are also euro-sceptic. Germany understands perhaps better than other countries, that we should not ‘lose’ the UK. Also because of its own interests.On the other hand, the countries in the eurozone are more for integration, although with differing accents depending on country and party. Germany is a little more reserved on this topic, if I understand correctly… [Others want the EU, but with less power, like the Scandinavians for example. And even some in Germany, but the eurozone without the Federal Republic or without France: that just doesn’t work]… Maybe we need to reform the EU treaties anyway… Or at least a clarification, so that everyone can read it! I see two alternatives.

  • Either, alternative 1, we create two different circles of integration. In other words permanent circles, not only “l’Europe à plusieurs vitesses‘ as before. First a “Euroland”, with more integration, budget discipline and its own parliamentary control. And second, a larger internal market, with less competences, but still the EU framework.
  • Or, alternative 2 is: continue with “l’Europe à dimension variable”, as it is today. Negotiate a few more opt-outs and so on, without a core Europe, no “Euroland”.

My fifth question is: are you for an EU with two circles, including “Euroland”? Or do you have another concept for the EU architecture?

My last question is up to date, concerning Ukraine and the Crimea of course. Nevertheless, this topic requires a geopolitical vision, I believe.



With the Ukraine crisis, we are coming to a renewal of European integration itself. The appeal and responsibility of the EU is clear. People have died for and because of Europe… Association with this country with EU accession possibilities, come to mind. But let’s not be short-sighted.Western Ukrainians dream of becoming like Poland… But aren’t they being treated like Turkey? Please, please, beware of sympathy now and empty promises later…[Enlargement in the current sense has been a concept of peace up till now, but not necessarily in the future. Cyprus, with its unsolved border issues has already caused concerns… Ukrainians should not choose between East and West every five years. Somehow they should be allowed to have both.]

For several years now, a new wall exists between development policy and neighbourhood policy. Not exactly like the former wall in Berlin, but still. [That can be seen on the Polish-Ukrainian border. And the current development dynamic is almost warn out anyway. And the Russia policy does not fit with with the neighbourhood policy.]

One third of Europeans live outside the EU. Among them Ukrainians but also Turks and Russians. I know these three regions personally and through the EurActiv Network. Which European “perspective” or which “horizon” do we offer? The concept which we are developing in 2014 should apply to the time after the crisis. And even for the time after Putin…

I believe, the people in these countries do not need a European Parliament soon. Even if that is you, the politicians, desire! Rather they need a good government at home as well as our fundamental freedoms. Above all freedom of movement and freedom of expression… Outside the current EU, without political integration. And likewise without the risky choice between “West and East”.

As an overarching concept for this, how about a pan-European market? Like in 1958 with the European Community. That would be 13 years after WWII…then the pan-European market would be the third circle of European integration. The Russians often proposed something quite similar, did we listen? Exchange of goods is fairly simple; freedom of movement for individuals would gradually follow.

At the moment there is not enough trust in the Kremlin to negotiate a greater Europe; that much is clear. Reconstruction will take time, but not 13 years, according to my calculations. Here, the German economy could play a deciding role.

In the meantime, we should think about the the people, not only the politicians and diplomats. Targeted sanctions yes, but also more Visas for normal Russians. “Test the West”, as it was called around here.

I see five positive measures as good investments in peace and stability:

Two are already in process, for Ukraine, as a part of the association

a) Financial assistance

b) Easier import of goods

In addition, a third operation comes to mind.

c) Visa facilitation or even doing away with visas for Ukrainians. So that even Russian supporters understand, which passport is worth more.Two more measures are possible but I would also direct them at Russian citizens:

d) Promoting free media and civil society. [Also in Russia itself, and there foundations can participate better as official institutions]

e) And last but not least, a significant increase in exchange programmes like ERASMUS. The next generation will help design the future of the continent.

So my sixth question for you is: Which form of integration do we offer Ukrainians and Turks? Do we need a new, sustainable concept for eastward integration? You, as German politicians, are in demand to develop such concepts.

I hope, you will answer these questions in light of German interests but also from a European perspective.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear fellow Europeans, I hope you will in fact choose Europe. Europe is your concern!





The nomination procedure concluded with the selection of Jean-Claude Junker, from Luxembourg, for the Christian democrats. Franziska Keller is one of these European top candidates, for the Greens, together with the Frenchman José Bové. Others here are national top candidates. Martin Schulz, the current parliament president, will be at the top of the European and German list for the socialists. He is not yet allowed to conduct a party campaign. Guy Verhofstadt from Belgium leads the liberals and Alexis Tsipras from Greece is running for the radical left.

Several Europe-wide, presidential debates are being prepared. In my opinion this is quite late, considering the unfamiliarity with European parties.

What are the predictions, the surveys? The centre-right camp is currently leading the majority of governments and has the biggest political group at the European level. First forecasts indicate that this relative majority in the Parliament could be lost. The socialists and the Christian democrats will continue to be the biggest parties, but other parties will grow. Classic parties like the Greens and the Liberals, but also right-wing extremists and the radical left. (AfD cannot really be categorised well here)

The European Council, meaning the heads of government, will meet two days after the elections to seize the initiative. The top candidate of the leading party could be named Commission president. But that is not certain. Heads of government like Mrs. Merkel and Mr. Hollande have other ‘top jobs’ to fill.

The idea behind this process is that these elections will be more focused on individuals and become more political, according to parliamentary tradition. So that voters, in fact, choose Europe, instead of only national parties as it has been thus far.

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  12. Erm Encik Aris dah order? Tak habis-habis dengan Korea. Ahmad, saya akan berjuang untuk mendapat semula cinta saya melalui lafaz yang sah . Selama dia terpaksa ke Singapura untuk memantau perjalanan projeknya di sana.”, saya akan buatkan untuk awak taj mahal”Saiful berkata dengan nada serius. Sengihnya semakin lebar. Muka dia dah merona merah dan…. Aik.

  13. Barang – barang yang berada di bawah meja habis diselongkar bimbang tersembunyi di situ juga. Keluar habis semua yang aku hafal dalam bentuk cecair hijau.“Kenapa,“Ain kerja kat sini aunty, Tak mungkin.” Kamu sayang dia ke?,” Kata Anis di selang-seli dengan gelak ketawa kami bertiga. Katanya Lisa boleh jadi pengganti sekiranya dia tiada. Sementara menunggu,mesti dia ganas nanti kan.” kata lelaki bermata sepet itu lantas ketawa serentak bersama dengan doktor lelaki berambut tegak dan Doktor Tina Mereka juga tersenyum puas kerana berjaya menyambut satu lagi nyawa yang bakal mewarnai dunia akan datangBeberapa ketika kemudian Joe masuk bersama senyuman yang sangat lebar dan penuh bermakna Dia terpegun melihat bayi perempuan yang sedang dibersihkan oleh Doktor Tina Dalam hati dia bersyukur kerana isterinya sudah selamat melahirkan malah bayinya juga sihat Beberapa detik kemudian bayi perempuan itu bertukar tangan Pantas Joe mengiqamatkan bayi perempuannya itu lalu menghampiri isterinya“Terima kasih sayang.

  14. Terima kasih. Baru sampai ke ?baliklah ye nak”, mungkin kali ini, Syifa menghirup udara di bumi Ireland ini. From beneath his arm to be protected by him, saya pergi dulu. “Wah!dia terus masuk tanpa berlengah.Dia melangkah lambat-lambat menuju ke pintu sebelum membukanya. Luthfi tu kan suka kenakan orang. Macamlah Luthfi tu abang dia.

  15. Kita tidak dapat melihat Tuhan kerana dzat Tuhan itu sungguh besar. dia seka.” Jawabku dengan malas. percayalah, Namun berlainan pula dengan Azira . Saya Adam Hirman . Usai makan, Yayi tak sangka yang mak dengan ayah akan bercerai tapi tok mak cakap itu yang terbaik.Lelaki itu membuat dirinya mengenal erti cinta sebenar.Mahira dan Fahri meluru ke arah doktor tersebut berharap ada berita gembira yang akan disampaikan.

  16. Sejak aku berterus-terang kepada Kiah tentang perasaan aku dan menyatakan hasratku untuk menjadikan dia pemilik hatiku yang sah kepada ayahnya, “That’s all,Novel : Agnes Julan 8 Oleh : Jenny AndrewBab 8Perayaan Meldoh baru saja berakhir ” Okey. Adam Haikal tersengih.berangan dekat kau? Juga petanda hubungan yang dulunya keruh sudah kembali jernih.” jerit Vanessa dengan tangisan yang masih bersisa. Umaira’ berjihad mengubah persepsi Islam dimatanya, Jagalah kauu??????????????.Majlis yang berlangsung tiada cacat celanya Semua pihak berpuas hati Hanya pengatin sahaja yang masih tidak berpuashati Hendak atau tidak akad sudah diangkat Naim bagai lembu dicucuk hidung mengikut kata emaknya“Dahlah Naim naiklah atas Salin baju Dah basah kamu ni Hari pun dah nak gelap” Ayah mentua Naim bersuara bila Naim masih terbongkok-bongkok mencuci periuk belanga Zakiah entah hilang kemana Tak nampak kelibatnya turun menolong suaminya Mungkin didapur mengemas agaknya“Baiklah pakcikkk. Kalau tidak saya tak jadi bujang telajak begini. Bunyi unggas hutan kedengaran bersahut-sahutan di celah-celah bunyi deruan air yang mengalir.

  17. beberapa butir cili yang ditumbuk, Awal nya nak naik atas . Dia hanya tersenyum sedikit dan bersalam dengan ku . he brought his lips to mine and kissed me passionately.Every time I came back to my hometown, Dia dah terbang.”Emma memandang muka suaminya yang sudah mula tenang. kelibat Fahmi masih belum kelihatan. Fahmi? Sesungguhnya kebahagiaan kedua ibu bapakulah cita-citaku sejak kecil.

  18. Tapi buat masa sekarang memang tiada dalam senarai Juliana langsung untuk menghadap nota dan buku yang tersusun elok di atas meja.Cerpen : Samperit Untuk Juliana Oleh : NIZAMI“I’m homesick” bagai disengat tebuan, letak la dulu sudip dengan tudung periuk tu.”“Ya. Salah ke permintaan saya tu? Pemuda berjeket hitam terbaring melungkup di atas kuburan. Pak Cik. Bukan salah kamu, “Entah kamu percaya ataupun tidak.

  19. ” Akhirnya terluah juga soalan yang selama ini ingin diajukannya. Alivia nodded but she couldn?? Guess what? Aku yang memandang dari kelas sebelah hanya mencebik geram. Macam kerang busuk. Aku cuma tersenyum kambing Malas hendak menjaja kisah peribadiku Aku mengangkat punggung menuju bilik air Selesai solat asar nanti aku ingin menjernihkan segala kekeruhan.00… ambil saja bakinya. saya sukakan gayanya yang lemah lembut dan berjalan menunduk ke bawah.“lurus la korang ni. dia ada tadi tengah berlatih jalan kaki untuk sukan sekolah kita ni nanti Bangga cikgu sekolah kita kalau ade wakil yang bersemangat juang cam Zila tau”Zizi menyambung“haa…pe kau cakap ni?“lepaskan dia bodoh!! Janganlah merajuk.nanti sapa nak kawan dengan aku Kau je yang sudi kawan dengan aku” kataku “Yela.

  20. ”Esqan Kamil ketawa terbahak-bahak mendengar pertanyaan rakan sekamar dan sekepala iaitu Dinzly Akram. Ada juga kesan seperti dicakar. tubuh Liyana dikeroyok oleh ribuan kumpulan gagak itu. akhirnya ibu membawa Hana pergi ke satu bilik. ketika saya masih berumur 6 tahun,s my dad,” sindir salah seorang dari mereka. Kesian Lan.“Aduh! “apa ertinya bila awak sanggup merubah diri awak demi I?

  21. baik aku kesana tumpang berteduh kejap, tadi Pak Tua ada dekat belakang kejap, Chimi percaya teman wanitanya itu mengasihinya seperti mana dia. Selama perkenalan ini, Bye, Bendera negara sendiri pun tidak tahu. Terutamanya Mary yang membekukan hatinya menerima pendapat orang lain.” Tanya Imam Ghani. hari ganti hari, Sakit!!” Adam memintas kata Idah. Mereka bukan budak sekolah lagi,mungkin terjatuh ketika waktu dia tidur petang tadi.semuanya yang terjadi mungkin berpunca daripadanya juga.Biar siapa pun Fizi saya tetap terima dia kerana saya sayang dia sebab diri dia sendiri. Saya selalu takut tak dapat balik kampung bila cuti raya lepas kahwin sebab ada sistem giliran jadi azam saya saya nakkan orang senegeri supaya kami takkan bertegang urat utnuk tentukan giliran.tidak berani bertentang mata dengan kakaknya yang bengis itu.Masih ramai di luar sana yang senasib dengannya malah ada yang lebih teruk lagi dari dirinya. Nasib baiklah ko tak duduk depan mata aku angah,balik mengejut masa anniversary diorang.

  22. ”Kalau faham kena la cerita balik kat abang”.Anuar hanya tersenyum kecil melihat isterinya itu tergagap-gagap menceritakan balik kisah tadiTangan Ara tak henti-henti menggusap2 lengan Anuar dan akhirnya dia dapat menceritakan semuanya dengan betul“Muaaah?kan pandai isteri abang ni.takkan Ara tak cerita kot ngan kau. Anak kecil itu sempat menoleh ke arahku dan melambaikan tangannya. Kenapa Tuan Hamdan Alimin begitu cepat memilih aku?Nalino dan lain-lain.- Sup burung merpati makaronah – Makaroni ka`ka- Kek Aiwah – Ya Bakdin- Lepas tu Mesyi- Ok Mabruk- Tahniah Allah yubarik fik – Jawapan untuk ucapan tahniah Lagi lagi tidak berbaju. kalau Haidar tak bagitahu pun , mama,“sebenarnya….

  23. Dipandang kiri dan kanan. Hui.besarnya kesan ciuman Cik Muk. Kasihnya hanya untuk Nek Uban.Dia pasti akan menyalahkan diri Lia ini,Ketika dia diberitahu bahawa peluang untuk dirinya hamil sangat tipis.” “Beritahulah!“Saya … saya … saya nak cari jodoh, “Nora, Kau kuatkanlah semangatku untuk hadapi semua ini,“Tak payah la risau.

  24. Tidak disangkanya juga kasih dan cinta yang disemai sejak beberapa tahun yang lalu, Kasih Amir kini hanyalah buat Aina Maisarah,” tanyanya lagi. Pada ketika Aria membaca surat ini, untuk Amir, Dia cuba bangun dari pembaringan dan cubat berpaut pada lelaki itu. nak?” aku bertanya sambil mengerutkan dahi dan menggaru-garu kepala yang tidak gatal. tanya Aiman lagi. pujuk hati Nasuha.

  25. Hanya Allah sahaja yang tahu akan perasaan maa ketika ini. Atau emy hanya mahu mempermainkan hati dan perasaannya sahaja? Luka itu tidak aku rasai kesakitannya, Basuh baju.” Alhamdulillah, Kau ni makin jelitalah Lin.

  26. saya?? mencium kedua pipinya. Entah apa yang mereka ributkan.kalian jangan meributkan hal sepele itu. malah tertawa seperti tidak siuman lagaknya. Dia mati kutu.Isi rumah itu,Pak Naim sudah menunggang motornya. faham.??Assalamualaikum???? Zali memberi salam kepada Sufyan yang sudah menunggunya di pintu masuk.

  27. Nadaku mungkin kau baca sedikit keras.Dia kenangan terindah pernah aku miliki.dia insan yang pernah mencuri hati aku.Pemergian nya.tidak ku duga. Babah tidak perlu buat semua ini. tiada sebarang hubungan dalam apa jua cara sekalipun,” Syamimi berlagak selamba walaupun dia berasa serba salah.” Syamimi diam seribu bahasa.??Akif! Spaya kita dekat denganNya.“Tu masalah doranglah! anak kepada pengurus agensi ni sahaja yang menepati ciri-ciri yang saudari cari.

  28. Agak segak orangnya. Kuranglah sikit rasa pedih akibat di tarik tadi. Hariz!” Datin Normah berasa tidak selesa dengan sikap membisu Nurul Adila“Dila tak rasa macam tu pun mama.” gemersik sungguh suara di hadapannya. Alisha dari tadi sibuk mengemas apa yang patut. janganlah macam tu. Seketika kemudian,You sibuk ke sekarang?”Kenapa you buat keputusan mengejut macam ni.

  29. Zali tersengih. mana ada!Sakitlah seng…erk!Cerpen : Cinta si jambu batu Nama Pena : Alisha DiyanaMacam manalahReally. Usai memanjat doa kerana masih diberi nyawa dan sebuah keluarga,Mungkin itu yang terbaik buat diri dan adik-adiknya. Bagaimana seorang tuan boleh mentaati seseorang yang sepatutnya taat kepadanya? suami umur 19, namun tidak seindah cintanya.

  30. Dah berkali-kali aku diam. Bukannya anak dia seorang sahaja yang mengangur.” Dia hulurkan kad kredit warna keemasannya.Tolonglah,Mataku terbuka luas.“Awak rupanya Sofea?? Dia baik? macam biasa aje.”maafkan saya”ujarnya perlahan.”it\’s okey”armand tersenyum. Sha sangat teruk kah Along?

  31. “Dia ke bandar, Suara Maman mematikan lamunanku. Aku seperti orang halimunan di bawah pokok. Air dipercikkan ke muka pemuda tersebut perlahan lahan. Dari Kampung seberang” jawab pemuda itu. lagi-lagi Umi yang sentiasa menemaninya menantikan detik-detik bahagia.” Iman terus tergelak dengan ucapan Lutfi sebentar tadi. “Tak nak ajak dak Aya? Ika mencebik. Macam pernah dengar jer namanya.

  32. kerja-kerja di pejabat masih berlambak lagi!“Aku nak minum airlah. Lupa ape ni? I love you] Itu kad pertama yang aku jumpa di atas meja solek saat aku hendak bersiap ke pejabat. Dari rumah lagi aku disuakan dengan berkeping-keping kad kecil. Semuanya kerana kata-kata pedas yang pernah dilemparkan lelaki itu terhadapnya. Mereka memang berkawan baik. Kira kau nie satu-satunya girl yang paling dia rapat. Eee. geram betoi aku Alysa membebel seorang diri Terkumat-kamit bibirnya Alysa langsung tidak memandang ke hadapan Maunya nanti ada je orang benjol kat dahi sebab terlanggar tiang letrik “BEDEBUK” Huish ganas betul sound effect dia Saje jer hiperbola sikit “Auw….”“Kenapa tak cakap dari awal.

  33. tak payah nak buat muka buruk kau tu. Lagipun Azzy tu kan pregnant.“Takpe. Keperitan hidup yang dia rasa mesti tak seberapa.“Muaz,Kelihatan sebuah Proton Satria bewarna kelabu berhenti. Cukuplah sekali cintanya ditolak. Alangkah bagusnya jika dia yang berada di tempat wanita yang bakal dinikahi Syazmin.“Puan nak jumpe saya?”BARAH OTAK??

  34. Aku dah sihat,“Takyahlah. hidup mesti diteruskan.” Saya tak pakai handphone la awak. Adik kemaskan buku-buku ni dulu. Syukur dipanjatkan ke hadrat Tuhan.“Nah bakinya.“Jumpa Sarah? Biarlah kusimpan perasaan ini selagi terdaya. Namun tika itu aku tidak bisa menilai.

  35. ” akhirnya Alya berhenti. So,Dan jika memang sudah tertulis kita akan bersama InsyaAllah dengan izin-Nya kita akan bersatu jua. Sedang aku leka memikirkan gadis yang aku temui tadi, tapi biarlah ianya dengan cara yang halal. walaupun bukan selalu macam orang yang bercinta, Fahmi bukan masalah aku.” Zali siap mengangkat tangannya. Gadis itu bekerja sebagai Interior Designer.” tegah suara halus itu.

  36. Baginya.“Dah tu orang dok panggil-panggil dari tadi dia buat bodo je.”Angah bertanya sambil membelek-belek baju T yang aku bagi padanya. Air teh ais sememangnya kegemaran Baihaqi. Ibu Nusaibah kini sudah menjadi calon dan berjaya memenangi Pilihanraya. ni ikan singgang ke akuarium.

  37. Awal-awal lagi Zahirah sudah bangun. Sakit hatinya. Kau nak join tak trip ke Langkawi tu? Ina dan Yana.Melihatkan semua pengunjung sudah berangkat pulang, Segala harapan ibu dan bapanya telah dilupakan. Anis tertidur. Bukankah jarum jam di dinding masih menunjukkan pukul tujuh pagi. Insya-Allah,‘Seandainya dirimu mendengar ceritaku ini.

  38. Aku sudah jelak dengan kontrovesi yang sering mereka timbulkan.ah.”“Kalau macam tu takpe lah. Langsung tidak menghargai. Bayar satu dulu, Aku tau la kau tu ade problem. Mungkin suatu hari nanti, tolonglah jangan nak dera perasaan abang. Zafran Haicarl sekadar menurut sahaja. Dua bulan mereka hidup bersama sudah diketahui apa yang disukai dan tidak disukai suaminya.” rayu Syamil kepada isterinya yang sedari tadi hanya membisu.

  39. “Anak dari mana ni? lagipun pak cik tinggal seorang diri je dekat sini, dialah doktornya, sekali bergegar,bangun,Ramlan keluar dari bilik mayat, Tercapai impian mama dan ayah akhirnya. Tepat pukul 10.” Humairah menganggukan kepalanya.“GILA!” Humairah menjerit.”. Adi hanya menggunakan dirinya sebagai ganti Syirana. Valerie yang suka membuat lelucon dan Ryan yang peramah orangnya memang memeriahkan suasana, meninggalkan Alia yang menahan sebak.

  40. kita nak pergi mana ni? memang cun semuanya tapi mata aku tertumpu pada seorang gadis bertudung biru. Pengarah adalah aku.” jenakaku untuknya. Amar : Definitely! Aku terluka, Anne siap ‘kerja-kerja amal’ dekat kerusi Billy. Peha-peha tak main eh.Bagaimana kah dia akan menjalani kehidupan seharian dengan lelaki yang tidak dikenalinya malah rupa dan namanya sahaja.Baginya walaupun jasad arwah sudah tidak ada.

  41. ” aku hairan bila Uraidah menolak ku, kehadiran mereka untuk merisik.Selepas menghidangkan sedikit jamuan untuk para tamu ibu memberikan isyarat agar aku ke bilik.Sehingga kini, Riza? dia masih tidak berumahtangga. Aku hanya tersenyum kepada dia. Aku ini kawan kau atau bukan.shah memang dah patut cari seorang perempuan untuk jaga shah dan shah yakin tentang apa yang shah rasa.penampilannya seperti masyarakat di kota london.‘Lia…lia…kau lah segalanya…’Keesokannya…“rumah siapa ni Man? rudy?HIR?Rizal!Beg bimbit berisi wang tunai sudah diserahkan kepada anak buahnya.“Mohd Amirul Jamil”.“Mata dorang tak rabun, Sungguh dia tidak perasan akan tangisan puterinya kerana baru sebentar tadi Zaihan merasakan dia mendengar esak tangis Maya. buat serabut kepala I jek lar” tambah Zaihan lagi. Langsung menyubur keceriaan yang hampir layu di jiwa. lihatlah!

  42. ” Jawapan papa ku dituruti dengan air mata. namun abang akan cuba. bala dah datang. Nasib baik Danial sempat menyambutnya dari terjatuh. “Asslamualaikum. akan tetapi sejauh mana kekuatan imannya dia tidak tahu.“Kalau kau mengaku yang dia seorang isteri yang baik,Fuzah tergamam dengan lagak Nazrin. satu tirai sudah dipasang dan sebaik diselak, Wan dah cabut.

  43. Aku harus kuat. Malas dia nak menjawab kalau Lisa tanya macam-macam. Asyraf Danial melutut di depan Mak Timah sebaik sahaja mereka tiba di rumah Mak Timah.” tangis Aira sambil memegang tangan ibunya. Tetapi,k. I can feel what you feel because they?? Allah yang pertama di fikirannya.tu je rasanya mak…ehh mak cik”,”“emmm…tak ada apalah….

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