I was invited yesterday to speak at the first European Digital Advocacy Summit, organised by Andras Baneth of European offices of the Public Affairs Council (PAC). Speaking after a keynote by Robert Madelin, I shared a panel with Bruno Waterfield of The Telegraph, on this topic: ‘sucessfull online & media engagement’.

These are the main points of my presentation:

  • EU transparency and engagement, issues in the 90’s, now quite good:
    • notably thanks to online media indeed…
    • law firms and Council, notably, still have to improve
    • also: professionalisation of public affairs, including register, etc.
    • also: stakeholder engagement in Brussels, animated and constructive.
  • two much greater challenges remain, also from democracy viewpoint:
    • Languages and reaching to the countries, as underlined again during EU elections
    • efficiency of EU policy-making: far too slow, often out of touch, not creative, etc.
  • there, online (media) has not yet helped enough:
    • social media helped block ACTA and perhaps next TTIP, failed on Citizen Initiatives: not shaping policies
    • mass of information increases transparency at expense of efficiency
    • most online content is not media: lack of summaries / overviews by balanced / neutral parties
  • but there is hope:
    • online media do allow cross-border debates & campaigns
    • between public web info & human value added (consultants, associations): techno-supported platforms with media values
    • more R&D under way… e.g. glimpes into our ‘EU Community’ project

The slides of my presentation can be downloaded here.


Some highlights from Twitter – Full conversation at #EDAS2014



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