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EurActiv: innovate with Média

2015 has been a record-setting year for both user traffic to our content and sales to our business. Fuelled by strong coverage of key events in 2015 (euro instability, terror attacks, migration flows, etc.) and related policy debates, and boosted by redesigns of our sites and newsletters, our sites attracted more page views than ever before. 2016 will be as interesting on the EU news and policy debates front. Sales also rose to record highs in 2015.

These combined content and business strengths also attracted unprecedented interest from major national media.


Increased impact with Media Partners

Adding to pre-existing partnerships with The Guardian (UK) and La Tribune (France), EurActiv agreed new partnerships with Der Tagesspiegel (Germany), and El Pais-Planeta Futuro (Spain) in 2015. Early in 2016, we will also implement franchise partnerships for Italy with publishing house Class Editori (holding Italia Oggi and Milano Finanza), and for Spain with news agency EFE.

All this is in line with our strategy of strengthening our impact in Europe’s national media markets through open, win-win partnerships with mainstream media, in the local language. Watch for more on this in 2016!


Media Innovations @ EurActiv

EurActiv is entering a new phase in the rollout of EurActory, a free service ranking who is influential on what in EU policymaking. New features for registered users will make our websites more interactive, engaging and community driven.


Innovate with EurActiv!

EurActiv is at the forefront of innovation in the European media sector. But not without you. The YouGov EurActiv 2016 Readership Survey comes out soon with a special section on the future, and we welcome your feedback.


Frédéric Simon

Christophe Leclercq


Dear Reader, Cher Lecteur, Lieber Leser

Europe has never been busier, neither have we

2015 has been the best year ever for EurActiv. Our editors and journalists in the 12 country EurActiv Network have been increasingly visible and recognised for their quality coverage. They have interviewed top level politicians and policy-makers, provided expert commentary for other media and received nominations, awards and scholarships.

Working across countries and languages, we have provided insightful coverage of the Greek and migration crises, the terrorist attacks in Paris, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, national and regional elections, numerous make-or-break EU summits, the ongoing TTIP trade negotiations and much more, most recently providing rolling coverage of the COP21 Climate Change Conference involving editors from 3 EurActiv offices.

Strengthening Europe in 2016

Looking at 2016, it seems migration will remain on top of our coverage as it will surely impact on several EU policies from border control to fight against smugglers, not least on the future of the Schengen area. A new European foreign and security policy strategy to be unveiled in the summer will also keep our journalists busy as the EU works to define new political and strategic ambitions, while paving the way for the future European defence integration.

More will be done to strengthen the internal market and international trade to boost growth and create new jobs, while maintaining sound finances and a robust euro zone.

These decisions don’t get made in Brussels only (i.e. watch out for our coverage from Davos this year). Our 51-strong editorial team in the EurActiv Network will continue sniffing for good stories and new policy trends to keep you informed. And we also count on you, our faithful readers, to send us your leads and input to help strengthen our community engagement.

Daniela Vincenti –


2015: A record year for our readership & sales!

The EurActiv Network sites attracted more readers than ever before, growing from 667,494 (in 2014) to 723,794 unique visitors per month on average in 2015 (peak month: almost 1 million in November). The growth in users was equally important in our Brussels and network sites. More than ever, these visitors are not just readers. They are now multi-media consumers, sharing our infographics, watching our videos and forming a community who also flock to our Stakeholder Workshops and other events.

The trust of our audience of discerning opinion-leaders reinforced EurActiv’s value as a communications platform for our clients. Sales also rose 8% to record highs in 2015, driving to its seventh year of profits in the past nine years – no small feat in an era when many news media struggle to achieve sustainability. We are re-investing these profits (amounting to 6% of sales) into strategic innovations to better serve our users. We also conduct our CrossLingual Readership Survey to be able to do even better in 2016.

Dan Luca

Rick Zedník

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