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Domenico Lenarduzzi is former Director General of DG EAC at the European Commission and initiator of the Erasmus programme. When asked to comment on the Erasmus4media initiative, he released the following statement:


The initial ERASMUS programme was set-up 30 years ago, as I was in charge. It has been diversifying in the meantime, notably to apprentices, to vocational training, and to entrepreneurs.


In the early days, the student association AEGEE-Europe was very helpful to help get it approved, notably in some key capitals. Christophe Leclercq was then one of its leaders.


Mitterand with Chritophe


Meeting of the AEGEE with François Mitterrand to discuss the creation of the early exchange programmes. The meeting was organised by AEGEE President Franck Bianchieri and attended among others by Secretery Tanja Masson-Zwaan, Christophe Leclercq, Jean-Francois Monteil, Elena Drutskoy, Bernard Establie, Mica and Béatrice Anacker.


Now, media circles hope to set-up Erasmus4media, for young professionals, with EU support while respecting their autonomy. I welcome the idea, initiated by C. Leclercq, and wish them good luck. This also fits with relaunching the EU for its 60th anniversary in Rome.


Domenico Lenarduzzi


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  1. When Media are under attack cross the Pond and is some European countries, it becomes important to innovate in Media practices and technologies.
    As the EU Research and Innovation programmes have shown, cross-border collaborations for innovaiton have a lot of positive externalities and thus justify EU support.
    The main outcome? Trust and stronger networks which allow participant to share risk and benefit of rewards.
    PS – I know that picture… 😉

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