The pilot project “Exchanging rising stars for media innovation” (provisional names: Stars4Media or Erasmus4Media) is an exchange programme for young media professionals, aiming at building cross-border skills for the participants, boosting innovation initiatives, developing sustainable business models, and fostering efficient cooperation between media organisations (see the list of moral supports). This project was voted by the European Parliament as a budgetary amendment in September 2017, and it will start mid-2018.

PARTICIPANTS: Young media professionals from editorial, social media, IT and commercial sides, with experience in their media organisation and a promising future.


    • Creation of “thematic waves”: pairing like-minded media
    • Selection of “rising stars” based on profile and compatible ideas
    • Matchmaking workshops and trainings for cooperative projects between media
    • Mutual exchange: 1-3 months in another European media and vice-versa
    • Follow-up and new innovative projects

Do you want to know more about Fondation EURACTIV‘s pilot project? Here is a simple visual overview. You can also download it here.

Learn more:

List of moral supportsShort explanationNetworking Night video


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