The second panel of the conference “Rising stars for media cooperation” was kick-started by Christophe Leclercq with a strong presentation on the concept and initiative #Stars4Media (#Erasmus4Media).

MEP Mercedes Bresso reminded her strong support to the project. “Les échanges des médias entre différents pays sont à privilégier”. The panel was followed by an interactive debate between Christophe Leclercq and two representatives from the media sector: Nicolas Becquet (L’Echo) and Biba Klomp (European Journalism Centre).

The new digital strategies require: multi-media teams, news data development, data journalism, multi-media reporting. “The media will need to create brand new profiles and to think about future multi-media formats with proofed data, but also visualization and maps”. They will need to work with data analysts. The media environment has changed massively with news events, social editors, startups…

To the question “Did the media lose the battle against the social platforms?” Nicolas Becquet answered clearly: “We have indeed lost the battle for the distribution part!” Christophe Leclercq interjected: “This is a good example of input into #Stars4Media (#Erasmus4Media): there could be thematic waves of people working on the same platform…and helping the media to negotiate better with the distribution platforms”. The next journalists should be trained to become agile journalists. They will need training on social media management. Each platform asks for specific skills.

Media will also adapt to the digital habits of the audience. Il will be difficult to fulfill all skills and to “bring strong agile teams of people with editorial content and project management”. But the panelists answered: “Yes we need” to the initial question: “we need new skills! “. They added: “We need design thinking and trust from people in trustworthy news”.


Pascaline Gaborit


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