Key MEPs Elmar Brok and Mercedes Bresso, top practitioners and academics led a discussion on the future of media cooperation and innovation this September 26th within the EURACTIV Brussels Network Office

Extensive interviews and meetings with publishers, editors, and MEPs from across Europe made clear: there is strong demand for media cooperation and exchanges under the #Media4EU project.

That is why the Institut d’études européennes (at ULB) and the Press Club Brussels Europe represented by Maroun Labaki joined forces and “savoir-faire” with Fondation EURACTIV to promote the Starts4media skill-building project for media professionals: #Stars4Media (#Erasmus4Media).

Fondation EURACTIV initiated with the European Parliament a pilot project which could be rolled out in 2018. Good news: the amendment of the pilot project was voted by the Budget Committee on the same day. This project when approved by the European Commission, and after selection of lead applicant, would lead to additional exchanges or waves of media professionals, to be funded by the private sector!
The conference confirmed that cross-border on-the-job exchanges are a pioneering tool to tackle the crisis of the European media sector. The basis of the concept is to exchange up-and-coming professionals (“rising stars”) to develop innovative and sustainable solutions, and then share best practices with more senior managers.

The conference was articulated around two panels: the first one on the “Media landscape in Europe and the second one on “New Skills for media professionals” building on #Stars4Media (#Erasmus4Media).


Pascaline Gaborit


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