The first panel of the conference “Rising stars for media cooperation” focused on the Media Landscape in Europe and started by introductory remarks from Prof. Ramona Coman (read her intervention) and by Maroun Labaki’s statement: “There is one point where we will need to do something for the media”.

It was followed by an overview by Giuseppe Abbamonte, on the Digital Single Market, and the measures that will accompany the media sector. Other initiatives do exist at the European Parliament and in the Research and Innovation programmes.

The question of Europeanization in media has been largely discussed by scholars in the EU within various research projects. They show the diversity of cultures in media and journalism, but it could be a strength for Europeanization.

Other speakers insisted on opportunities to leverage existing innovative projects for media, and to create synergetic up-scaling projects for publishing companies in link with digital platforms. Some of them called for a holistic approach instead of “working in silos”.

Finally, Elmar Brok recalled his senior experience as media professional and warned against possible threats in the cross-border analysis of media landscape: media concentration, use of propaganda, fake news and influence on voters.

Pascaline Gaborit





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