[Photo: Anna Kleinigkeit]


On Monday October 16, European Youth Press, a network of young media makers, and the European Parliament organised the European Youth Media Days, focused on “Modernising media: literacy, challenges & opportunities”.

Christophe Leclercq intervened during a panel on this issue and debated with the audience, composed of young journalists and media professionals from the whole continent. The other speakers of the panel were: Indrek Tarand (MEP, Greens, @indrektarand), Julie Ward (MEP, S&D, @julie4nw), and Wouter Gekiere (Deputy Head of European Affairs, EBU, Brussels). The moderator was the Danish journalist Tatiana Tilly.




Indeed, the future of the sector does not depend only on good journalism but also on relevant revenue models and policy issues.



Leclercq also showcased his views on how to foster a sustainable European media sector through innovative projects, such as Stars4Media (Erasmus4Media), a skill-building exchange programme at a cross-border level. He stated: “You in this room are the future of the media sector. You are the rising stars that this project is looking for!”.





There will be further talks with European Youth Press and his coordinator Martin Maska, and with other media associations interested in shaping and promoting a Stars4Media‘s “thematic wave” between like-minded media.





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