Christophe Leclercq

He is the founder of the EURACTIV media network & Fondation EURACTIV, plus adviser & commentator.


Mr Leclercq also moderates conferences, speaks at policy and corporate events, and helps boards and media associations.

Since January 2018, Christophe Leclercq is one of the experts on the EU High-Level Expert Group (HLEG) on disinformation set up by the Digital Commissioner Mariya Gabriel. He was also the rapporteur of the subgroup representing the press. Other subgroups gathered broadcasters, civil society, academics, and the platforms.

Mr. Leclercq also moderates conferences, he speaks at policy and corporate events, and helps boards and media associations. He leads the new projects #Media4EU and Stars4Media (Erasmus4Media).

He also teaches notably at Institut d’Etudes Européennes/ULB (Brussels). His publications include many books and articles, in French, English, German, Russian, on media policy, alliances, governance, EU communication, public affairs, Eastern Europe, Brexit.

EURACTIV background:

EURACTIV is a network of 12 policy media, produced in 12 languages in 12 capitals, leveraging They focus on the input of industry, NGO’s and countries upstream of EU proposals, on 20 policy sections, complementing official websites and feeding national media. This network reaches one and a half million readers, mostly policy professionals and journalists, directly and via media partners.

After launching EURACTIV in 1999 and managing it for 10 years, Mr. Leclercq then focused on deepening the network and external relations. He now supervises (still majority shareholder) and branches out of the EURACTIV family: looking at the bigger picture, Europe, and the media sector.

Fondation EURACTIV‘ is a reference for the media network, and supporting debate & projects around the media sector.

Earlier background: governance entrepreneur between business, policy, media

Previously, Mr. Leclercq was EU Commission official with DG Competition (coordinator for Information Society). Before that, he was a management consultant with McKinsey, and then on the board of large corporations. He started as a market research manager at Renault Deutschland, and then, founder of the EuroManagers job fair.

He studied political science (‘Sciences Po’ Paris), business administration (HEC Paris, also at NYU & Köln), and international relations (ULB, Brussels). Born in 1962, French with an English wife and three children, he also speaks English and German, plus some Italian and Russian.

This profile can be used for publications, moderations, speeches, adviser roles. More details on LinkedIn.

Contacts: Twitter: @LeclercqEU Email: Phone: + 32 2 226 58 13



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